The overall committee oversees and finalizes all decisions made in each Mini-THON committee in order to make the event the best it can possibly be. Chairs are Kelsey DeSchriver, Christian Beebe, and Jasmine Dey.



The Mini-THON secretaries are responsible for maintaining up to date records of all Mini-THON paperwork, schedules and meeting minutes for the committees. A new position introduced this year is the fundraising secretary. They keep things organized between both the Corporate and Event Fundraising committees. Secretaries are Abby Thornton and Victoria Robles (right) and Fundraising Secretary is Kayla Henderson (middle).



The accountants keep track of the amalgamation of our fundraising efforts and keep detailed records of and handle all monetary transactions made by or for Mini-THON throughout the year. Accountants are Daniel Cilli and Hamed Jabri.



The corporate fundraising committee contacts local and corporate businesses that are interested in sponsoring our event. The proceeds are added to our fundraising total which will help families and children in need at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. Corporate fundraising chairs are Keyanna Safforld, Gabby Abbriano, Rachael Bucci, David Kutteroff, and Marrissa Izykowicz. Captain is Carol Melo.



The event fundraising committee plans and executes ways to raise money to donate to the families and children in need at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. Event fundraising chairs are Gabby Liguori, Madi Stewart, Lina Chung, Nyana Barrios, and Avery Francis. 



The public relations committee sends out information about Mini-THON and events leading up to it to increase public interest through various social networking sites, advertisements, and communication. Chairs are Victoria Pstragowski, Jeffrey Pasciak, and Audrey Razak.



The event coordination committee plans all the events that take place at Mini-THON and comprise a timeline to ensure all events run smoothly. They coordinate all the components of the events leading up to and including Mini-THON itself. Chairs are Katie Rubino, Jess Hall, and Hannah Boback.



Hospitality spends the school year making each Mini-THON event fun and inviting with decorations and entertainment. This team also choreographs our line dance, a dance done on the hour each hour by every participant at Mini-THON as a way of bringing our student body together. Chairs are Ashley Bolds, Luke Beebe, and Colleen Hughes. Captain is Angie Augugliaro.



The tech committee spends the duration of the school year training and preparing to make the night of Mini-THON come alive with lights, sound and the live streaming of our event. They also provide tech support for any other Mini-THON events. Chairs are Ethan Konklin, Will Crotty, Joey Cimino, and Caleb Secor. Captain is Kyle Hennessy.



The nourishment committee  gathers donations from businesses in the community who are interested in sponsoring our events and them components of them. Our three nourishment chairs are Taylor Garrett, Sydney Jones (third from left), and Emily Garbarino. Captain is Grace Butz (second from left).They are responsible for making sure #everybodyeats and that we have our food and drinks for the night.



The film and video committee works hand in hand with tech and public relations to produce promotional videos and announcements. Chair is Ethan Balcik (middle). Captains are Patrick Barry and Yousef.



The freshman representative is the Mini-THON liaison between the Junior and Senior high schools. They are responsible for carrying the information and decisions made at the executive meetings and implementing them at the Junior high school. We encourage all freshmen to come to the high school's Mini-THON. Freshman representative is Maura Dempsey.