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OveralL Executives


The Overall committee is responsible for overseeing all committees and assisting with all aspects of Mini-THON. The Mini-THON Overalls are Kaeli Miller, Katie Pfaeffle, and Jacqueline Augugliaro.



The secretaries maintain up-to-date records of all Mini-THON paperwork, schedules, meeting minutes, and registration materials. The secretaries are Alena Mazlo and Amanda Bruckstein.



The Mini-THON Accountants handle and keep detailed records of all monetary transactions made by or for Mini-THON throughout the year. Our Mini-THON accountants are Tyler Litts and Jack O'Brien.

Corporate Fundraising.jpeg

Corporate Fundraising Executives communicate with businesses and donors to request monetary donations. The Mini-THON Corporate Fundraisers are Ellie Wrightsmith, Sara Eckel, and Ethan Wager.

Corporate Fundraising

Event Fundraising

Event Fundraising.jpeg

Event Fundraising Executives organizes and executes all events and fundraisers during the year. Our Event Fundraisers are Chelsea Rosario, Luiza Pessoa, and Leah Pelaez.

Public Relations


The Mini-THON Public Relations Executives are responsible for our social media presence in order to promote events, elevate excitement, and increase school involvement. The executives are Olivia Waszkielewicz and Molly Durney. 

Donor Drive

Donor Drive.jpeg

The Donor Drive Executive manages all activity on Donor Drive and teaches others how to navigate the platform. Our executives are Ethan Flanagan and Izzy Contino.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach.jpeg

Community Outreach Executive plans events to benefit members of our community who have been especially impacted by Covid-19. The Community Outreach Executives are Connor Smith, Brie Vasquez, and Chris Hu.

Family Engagement 

Family Engagement.jpeg

The Family Engagement Executives connect with affected families in (and out of) the community; presenting family stories at meetings; constant reminder of our mission and why we do what we do. Our executives are Melanie Santiago, Annmarie Cervone, and Sebastian Khamis (not pictured).

Virtual Engagement

Virtual Engagement.jpeg

The Virtual Engagement Committee plans virtual events that includes the students, staff, and donors. The executives are Madison Leeth, Charlotte DeRosa, and Jack Francis.

Mini-mini Executives


The Mini-Mini Executives communicates with the elementary and middle schools to encourage fundraising and virtual events. Our Mini-Mini Executives are Paras Briegel, Chloe Carmella, and Roman Diakun.

Freshman Executives

Freshman Exec.jpeg

Freshman Executive organizes and represents a freshman committee at the Junior High. Responsible for communication and collaboration between the freshman class and the high school executives. Our Freshman Executives are Megan Wagner and Riley Tepper.

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