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About us

12 hours of dancing, a marathon for the kids

The inspiration behind THON and Mini-THON lies in the spirit of empathy. Students dance for 12 hours at Mini-THON to feel some of the fatigue that pediatric cancer patients feel every day. We hope that our small sacrifice can help change the lives of the kids who are battling cancer. Stroudsburg High School has raised over a third of a million dollars in the hope of contributing in the fight against childhood cancer. 

Chris millard's story

The story behind THON starts with a young boy named Christopher Millard who lost his battle to cancer. Shortly before Christopher died, he wrote a story about a knight, Sir Mallard, who went on a quest to find the four diamonds of Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, and Strength in order to defeat the evil sorceress. These four diamonds were symbolic to Christophers own fight to overcome cancer. Christopher's story is one of inspiration and hope to kids who are fighting their own battles today.


Mini-THON is a twelve hour event in which students must actively participate and stay awake in order to feel fatigue similar to that of children battling cancer. Participants are not permitted to sit down at any time or leave before the event is over. In order to participate, every dancer must pay a $10 fee, and is required to take on $50 in sponsorships. This money goes directly to Four Diamonds. If you do not raise the $50, you will not be allowed to participate. You also must wear your designated T-shirt color.


During Mini-THON, various events take place to keep participants active throughout the night. Games, a guest DJ, and local bands are planned and performed to fit the timeline for the night. The pre-planned line dance is performed on the hour, every hour, to remind participants of the spirit in the event itself. In order to make the night of the event as successful as it can be, please participate and show support to our guests.


Both breakfast and dinner are served to participants at pre-planned times in between events. Snacks and drinks will also be available throughout the night. All food and drink charges are covered for by the $10 payed when participants sign up. There will be a snack station in the gym throughout the night as well as competition between the colors, determining which teams get to eat first.

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